Real Time Notification using PHP and OneSignal API

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Hello Everyone ,

Here you will learn about Web Push Notification,

You can send notification Programatically using OneSignal API and OneSignal SDK..

1 - You can send Notificatin to all your registered users,

2 - You can send Notification to few or One Selected User.

Watch the belowe video for complete tutorial

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can you provide me php script which send notification according to user radius
how to create rel time notification and searching bar using php and mysql please
On my php site it works fine but I tried it on an angular8 / ionic4 PWA project and it didn't work, what do you need to do?
i like this one, best web push tut, but i am doing crazy with the submit post, i can't reset the form so it can't repost the push on reload. Can you help me on this...thanks
hove can we make our website responsive
sir i want to help you i make a login form but after registration the notification display on new page . I want a notification on login page like your website
Can i also contact you for the payment gateway if probably there is a challenge ( Am using mobile money as my payment gateway in Ghana alone ) THANKS GOD BLESS YOU.
Can i please resend you my code for review ?
Sir you really inspire me to love programming in PHP and have followed you for almost a year now. Am currently at university of Ghana, am using your e-eCommerce site as my final year project and really love it
Rizwan Khan
Thank you so much for your love and support
Thanks Sir
Rizwan Khan
your welcome my friend