Inventory Management System using PHP Mysqli jQuery Ajax Bootstrap

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1. Download the project 

2. Extract the project folder in your server folder such as xampp/htdocs or wamp/www folder

3. Open project folder and then open database folder where you will see inv_project.sql file

4. Open your phpmyadmin create a database with name project_inv 

5. select your database

6. click on import file and then select inv_project.sql file then click on go

7. open database folder change constants.php file constants according to your system.

8 open js folder and there will be three js file chnage the domain according to your project path

7. Now you are ready to run index file

Good luck

github link source code

Thanks and dont forget to share your stuff with us.

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javed tai
hi i like to use that softwer pleas halp me out 08494013309
kalam shekh
open database folder change constants.php file constants according to your system. this point i could not got it..any one help me
Abdukrazaq Hassan
HI. PLease anyone help i have this issue; Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_magic_quotes_runtime() in C:\xampp\htdocs\copy\fpdf\fpdf.php:1043 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\copy\fpdf\fpdf.php(77): FPDF->_dochecks() #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\copy\includes\invoice_bill.php(7): FPDF->__construct() #2 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\copy\fpdf\fpdf.php on line 1043
Catap Ariel
sir i'm stock at loading.. need help please
Sathish M
THANK YOU Rizwan Khan for wonderful code
Rizwan Khan
you are welcome my friend
Sathish M
To come out problem of continuously waiting for login/registration follow following steps 1. In database ->constants change http://localhost:(your website running port)/your project folder name/ (remove public_html) 2.follow same steps to .js files
Rizwan bhai register nhi ho rha hai sub kuch dalne ke bas register per click kr rha hu to bas loading hi le raha hai... Kuch batao zara kese karu register....
Rizwan Khan
What is happening show me error
solomon adane
Hello Sir, i'cant register and login the source code pls guide to by email
Christian Lagudas
Mt problem is how to download your source code i don't know the process. Thank you!
Rizwan Khan
You can download it from github repo
Christian Lagudas
Thank you sir !
vaibhav gulve
jquery.min.js:4 POST http://localhost/inv_project/public_html/includes/process.php net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED how to solve this
Rizwan Khan
Looks like internet connectivity issue
Royes Ahmed
sir i can,t log in
Rizwan Khan
debug your code
Hello sir. Thankyou for your tutorial. I have just completed video 30 and i have one major issue. When i click the order button, am only able to insert data in the invoice table. The system does not insert data in the invoice detail section. I have done exactly what you have done but i cant see my error. I have tried reaching you through the youtube comment section but no response. Kindly assist. Please
Rizwan Khan
Sorry if i didnt respond, here you can follow some steps to debug your code 1 - Check the network tab of the browser it might be a php syntax error so that you can see in network tab. 2 - if you are not getting any php error then you can copy your sql query which is not working and try to run directly in phpMyAdmin with all params 3 - if sql query is working then you just add some php exit code for eg <?php echo "<br />"; print_r($rows variavle name); exit; ?>
mahii mirza
guys just stop blaming him ( RIZWAN KHAN). he can't help you until you do effort for yourself. so be concentrated and focused . definitely you guys will found solution of your errors just be consistent by your on will.
Rizwan Khan
oh really nice talk, thank you for support
Johnmar Deligero
ONLY ONE BIG PROBLEM!!!CAN'T LOGIN.. any help please?
Rizwan Khan
Hi Johnmar, Can u please help us to give more details by check console and network tab of the browser so i can tell you what exactly is happening
Royes Ahmed
sir same problem
Mohammad Samad
Hello Dear all I Love to Learn inventory system and i don't have knowledge would you please help me what should i learn how do i learn what should i do
Rizwan Khan
You can start with front end that includes html, css, javascript, jquery so you can go one by one, once you are done with these fundamental then you can start with backend programming language such as php, python, .net etc, but this system is based on php so you can start with php and its also very to learn, good luck
sir cpanel upload project is not working plz help me
Rizwan Khan
please check your confgurations of the project before upload, for eg i might use localhost as a url while coding so dont forget to replace replace localhost with actual url
plz help me
but don't working sir
I was try & edit $cfg['Servers'][$i]['AllowNoPassword'] = true;
Sir, I Can't Login PhpMyAdmin (Login without a password is forbidden by configuration (see AllowNoPassword)
sir login was not successful working and also not register
I can't use. please help me!
It worked well, thanks a lot for code ..