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Rizwan Khan

Posted on 15 May 2021

Image Upload Tutorial using Node, Express, Cloudinary

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In this guide you are going to learn about image uploading using nodejs, express and cloudinary.

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Enough Talk, lets continue the implementation

Initialize the Project by using below command in your terminal

Now Install required libraries to create server

Server code index.js

Now Install nodemon to run the development server with watcher

Now open your package.json file and write in your script tag

Now its time to run application

Now trigger your api using POSTMAN with url localhost:3000/upload

Response will be { message: 'Hello User'}

Now its time to create an account in

After creating account; go to your dashboard; there you are going to see account details

Now install another library for cloudinary and formidable for file handling request

Now lets update our index.js file code

Important things to note files.image.path

files is the file object which we are sending in form data such as

image is input field name

path is temporary image location

Now if you are using POSTMAN simply open it

thats all

If you have any trouble plz let me know in the comment section...

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