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Download Ecommerce Website Source codeĀ 

It is only for learning purpose not for real time use

Using this project you can learn PHP, Mysqli, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap etc

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Download from github

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Janzen Go
I downloaded the whole template and customized some things, and I was already planning on using it as an Ecommerce page added to a website I created. I tried to do it, but it is not working. What I mean by "its not working" is the database is successfully connecting to the server and website, but it displays nothing at all, and the admin login and register panels are both not working. Perhaps I got some codes messed up, or maybe I was just missing something, like the file path/directory specifications or something like that. By the way, I am using Cpanel. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
Rod Benave
I've been having trouble with episode 17 of the tutorial, I can't show the pictures of the products because I get the error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined" and I've got no idea why. Any help would be appreciated. Edit: Nvmd, just fixed it, thanks for the amazing tutorial!
Rizwan Khan
Your Welcome
Robert John
Add new prodcct button isnt working what is wrong sir?
Melqui Aguiares
am having issues in the db.php file. getting this error "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected variable "$password"
Bavon Muks
Hello you have the best and simple way of web making bt my admin panel ain't showing like your own its not responsive is it a must I conect to the internet or xampp should show this up I'll like to get more from you My email
gavriel adi
Hi, I'm really happy if you help me and tell me how to do the likes system as there is on your site here, that as soon as you click like it rises and as soon as you click again the like goes down ??
Rizwan Khan
Sure gavriel i will create a post about how like system works
cannot access the index.php file after logging in as admin, showing a 404 error saying requested url was not found on the server
Rizwan Khan
ok I will look on that thanks for the update
Edward Bold
Good morning rizwan and thank you for the great job on your inventory management video series. I am facing a problem. After writing the code for delete category,(did="<?php echo $row['cid']; ?>"), I get an error message: Undefined index 'cid' in process.php code. How do I fix this?
Rizwan Khan
check your $row[cid], yor are not getting cid from sql query fetch
Edward Bold
Thank you but please where do I find the SQL query fetch?
farooque khan
Best Web.
best site but where is the registration
Just wanna thank for the good heart, you made it easy for me to learn multiple languages
Hello dear members and the admin I am starting to design web based postgraduate database management system for engineering faculty from scratch using WordPress. I don"t need a hosting service and domain name, I am intended to use the universities server as storage if it is possible. I am attempting to learn from challenges because it challenge me as a beginner. So I need your help I think you are not so busy due to pandemic . I appriciet your reply and am your new member.
Can you please give me you e-mail because I'll a question your ask?
fuond that probleme, that probleme was the folder permission I give it with sudo chmod -R 777 /var/www/html/KhanStore
I'am with Linux when write http://localhost/KhanStore/index.php to come only the html but not the CSS
super but simple project. don't like
payment_success shows blank screen why ?
payment_success shows blank screen
great work done brother
Awesome work dude but is this safe to use in the paypal sandbox? Since I am using this for my implementation on a research topic of computer systems and their compliance to GDPR
what is the log in id & password for admin panel ?
Hello boss, I am a student in second year computer software. I have had a project for e-commerce site development for 1 month, and I can't seem to finish it. Thanks to your tutorial project I can redo and continue mine. Thank you very much for thinking of people like me. Open Source Developer :)
where can i download admin code.. because i follow all the step but still the admin doesn't have css or style
This is the updated one or ?