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Rizwan Khan

Posted on 23 October 2021

BYJU'S Front End Software Engineer Interview Experience and Questions

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Writting this article to share my BYJU'S Software Engineer Interview experience.

The whole Interview process completed in 2 week and after that I got my offer letter for the role of Software Engineer.

I got a call from byjus recruitment team member she is very nice person and her name is Aporva. She told me about the opening for front end software engineer role. I was holding an offer from other companies so first I refused and then she started talking about my existing offer and after a long discussion i agreed :) for interview.

She scheduled Round 1 Interview via google meet.

I dont remember Round 1 Interviewer name but again he was nice guy.

he was listening and communicating really well.

He started with basics of javascript like how javascript works and what is web apis.

he also asked about javascript Event Loop Mechanism.

what is CallStack and many more javascript basic questions.

Finally he came to javascript famous questions closure and currying questions

I explained him closure and currying based on my knowledge with examples. he sounds happy with my answers and examples

And the he had given me a questions based on currying

He asked me to write solution using currying

Its easy to think of it as nested functions like

But this was not the expectation as i knew that thing from begining so i have proposed another solution and honestly i was already familiar with this type of questions...hahahaha

Expected Solution

For Beginners

Apart from that he has also asked one logical programming question based on array which i dont remember but i was simple array manipulation question.

Got a good news from HR that i have cleared Round 1

Round 2

Again i dont remember name of 2nd Interviewer.

He asked core concept of javascript such as Closure, Promise and Hoisting

I explained him all of these with less explanaton and more examples.

He asked detailed explanation of React Life phases and methods

I have explained him all the latest methods of react life cycle and avoided the deprecated methods such componentWillMount or componentWillReceiveProps etc

He also asked me React Hooks questions and benefits of it such as useMemo and useCallback etc.

Lastly he asked me to write whole logic of redux and call an api using action creator and show data in UI from redux state.

So I have written completed boiler plate of redux such as reducer, dispatch method and updating ui from redux state. I have also used a redux-thunk middleware to make asynchronous call

React Redux Tutorial Click Here

or copy this link

Finally got another call after couple of days from HR that I have cleared my 2nd Round Ohooooo

Approva scheduled my Final Technical Round in 2nd week.

Again I dont remember name of 3rd Round Interview name and it was a technical Round

He asked my contribution in my previous projects.

So i have explained him about my previous work and all projects in less than 5 min.

He asked my some programming logical questions based on array again simple array manipulation questions

As it was all front end interview and finally time came when i have write some html css code

He shared a link of wireframe and design was like a messaging platform and it was a simple design if you are familiar with html and css and small logic of javascript. wireframe picture you find in the top of this post.

One Question I didnt answer that what is forward Reference in React.

HTML CSS Tutorial Click Here

or copy this link

After watching html css you must watch facebook clone html css tutorial to get perfection in your design. link is below

html css facebook home page clone

Not done yet

Finally Got another call from Approva to scheduling Hiring Manager Round

I am not sure but her name was Priyanka.

She asked about me and my skills and also the great part she took feedback of all the interviewer from me that was really nice.

After all general discussion she started explaining about Byjus Product and the upcoming features in byjus such as live classes implementation, drawing on canvas many more things....

And finally she asked my expectation and expected salary so i told her my expected number 1xxxxxx.

Next day i got my offer letter which was more than my expected number.

Thank you guys.

Now if you have experienced interviews plz feel free to share in this platform with all of us




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Rizwan Khan


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Oliver Ahmed

23 October 2021

congratulation brother. love & best wishes form BD. ????


Rizwan Khan

23 October 2021

Thank you so much oliver