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Rizwan Khan

Posted on 7 May at 18:10

AIO - Free Admin dashboard Project developed on NextJS

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I have created this cool and simple one step integration admin dashboard for you with my love

Its simple and easy to use project with all the pre written UI components. you just have to import components from ui-components and you are good to start using it. :)

Its an experimental but ready to use project. please provide feedback in the comment section below

What you will get from this project

Pre written Routes with navs and header

Data components to highlight important data

Card component to wrap your custom content

Header with navigation and dropdowns

Login Page

Signup Page

React Icons


UI Widgets and buttons

Responsive Design


You can download or clone project from above github link


Layout Component to provide you Header and Sidebar

Layout Component brings up Top Header and Side Navigation Controls

Page Header Component with page heading and subheading and action components

Section Component to wrap page content

Section component is a container which brings alignment and spacing for content

Table component

Modal Component

Input Text Component




No Preview

Rizwan Khan


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