MERN (..and Native) Redux proyect

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Hi Rizwan, I think your videos are amazing and you're a lifesaver. I'm wondering if you have plans to do an ecommerce or social network website with the MERN stack using Redux and perhaps using AWS and a some payment platform. It would be good to see it also with react native. Since this is a big ask, I think it would be good if you do it through Udemy, I'm sure me and a lot of people would pay to see you explain and code such a big proyect

Will you add redux? I think Redux is a lifesaver to handle states and grab the info needed on the whole application. Anyways I hope to see it soon, thanks again for your incredible support. You are amazing!
Rizwan Khan
I have an Ecommerce Mern Stack Series on Youtube. I dont have social Networking project but hoping for it to coming soon on my youtube channel...