Sharing My INFOSYS System Engineer Interview

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This was my 3rd interview and I get to know about this opportunity from my school friend. It has a two rounds in 1st round it consist appti and then comes the interview round, first round is easy many able to crack it, I myself cracked many aptitude round but in interview due to lack of confidence and nervousness I missed those opportunity. But this time it was different, ofcourse I was nervous and excited as well but having part of two interviews it built confidence in me and thought me how to represent myself.

When I got the congratulation message for second round I was so excited and happy, then stared to think what will the interviewer ask? how to introduce? what if I don't know the answer of question he ask? Many such questions but one think I know to have believe in myself. Then in interview as I thought started from introduction, but this time I know how to represent so I didn't touch the topic which I could not answer. I stick to the project which I done during college final yr. So interviewer ask "what are the challenges you faced?" As any project has a database, to fetch the data according to desire output is command so I said that and then he asked one more question not from technical. Question was " Is it good to work as a team. Justify your answer."

I had no idea what to say in this Isolation period then suddenly I remembered my college days how my friend helped me to complete my assignment and project as well every time. So I said " in teams we compete with each other and help each other it create good environment and relation to grow as team. Then finally he asked any thing you want to ask. After this question only one thing came to my mind is "Am I qualified". He replied " I can't say that, anything else" so I said "No" and interview over.

It was 8 min interview it over so soon that I thought I wouldn't qualify. In few days I got congratulation mail and I got shocked with happiness. I called my friend who informed me about this opportunity thanked him and he is more happy than me that day. still my party due for him.

Rizwan Khan
Thank you Manish for sharing your Infosys Interview Experience. I think it is going to boost confidence in lots of job seekers. :))))