Requesting for a complete series of Amazon clone Build

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Hi sir I wanted to ask if you can make a complete series of Amazon Build. There are many Videos on this topic on YT but just all copy paste from Clever Programmers channel. But even in that its not complete. Like one of the main thing is the Side bar or the Hamburger menu that's not there, adding location and many more functionalities are missing. If u could teach and build the clone if would be of great help sir. Thank You.

harshith.s gowda
Hi Rizwan Sir, Thank you for replying. Yes sir I am following the flipkart clone series and modifying it the way I want, but there was one thing im still not able to get. It is actually the sidebar in Amazon website like when u click on it, it shows all the categories and when we click on the category it displays the sub categories of that category and when we click on any one subcategory it take us to that page, store or product. But in flipkart clone it was like we hover over a category and we get everything. I am still stuck and not able to figure out that part sir. So can you please make a video on how to display categories and sub categories with products in the sidebar like in Amazon when you get time. Thank You and you are doing a great job sir.
Rizwan Khan
Hi Harshit Hope you are doing great, I would like to mention that recently i have created flipkart clone if your interest is only ecommerce then i would recommend you to watch my flipkart clone series but if you are specificially telling me to build amazon clone i will keep in mind and whenever i will get time i will do the video