Ecommerce website admin panel

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Just edit all image path in action.php e.g. admin_area/products_images and copy your products image back to admin folder.
where is register for customer?
how i can get username and password in order to login
how to login to admin panel may i know username and password
please i need help how to connect the admin to the store
Connection failed: Access denied for user 'hetal'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
plz tell me how to link this with rizwan sir project
not good
please tell how to Link this admin panel with ecommerce website please make any video on this topic ....
c'est bon j'ai réglé le problème de la connexion a l'administrateur, est ce que je peux afficher le panier de chaque client avant la confirmation de paiement ?? Répondez- moi S'ils vous plait.
Bonjour, aidez moi s'ils vous plait, j'ai essayer de me connecter à la session admin ça passe pas il affiche cela: Avertissement : mysqli_connect (): (HY000 / 1045): Accès refusé pour l'utilisateur '1066713' @ 'localhost' (avec le mot de passe: YES) dans C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ admin_area \ includes \ db.php sur la ligne 9 Échec de la connexion: Accès refusé pour l'utilisateur '1066713' @ 'localhost' (avec mot de passe: YES). j'ai créer une base de donnée "1066713", includes/db.php <?php $servername = "localhost"; $username = "1066713"; $password = "cynosure1986"; $db = "1066713"; // Create connection $con = mysqli_connect($servername, $username, $password,$db); // Check connection if (!$con) { die("Connection failed: " . mysqli_connect_error()); } ou est l'érreur?? aidez moi s'ils vous plait . j'ai créer une table admins avec les champs indiqués.
can someone please tell me how to link admin panel to rizwan's ecommerce site ?
Luther Smith
I've given instructions above
@luther can you please tell me how to link admin panel to rizwan's ecommerce site ?
thanks alot for the admin panel but i want to use one login form for both admins and users so it will detect if its admin or user pls help
Luther Smith i'm very thankful to you. now i have completed my project. your admin panel is very helpful for me.
Luther Smith
You welcome
login e-mail and password?
hey Luther l love your whole website great job on it.but am having the following error when l run it "warning:mysqli_num_rows()expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result,boolean given in "my path goes here" line31. l created the database "1066713".can u please help if by any chance you can.And can this admin area be connected to an actual site or management system that a person might have build on the side.
Luther Smith
Sorry I've not been responding to comments.. Any question king email
I have managed to go past my problem, thanks alot once again, if anyone still has a problem, please let me know so I can also help
Rizwan Khan
thanks for doing good work
ri Khan
hey can you please tell me ho did you managed to link admin panel to rizwan's ecommerce site ?
ongaro will tell you
Kindly assist me on how I can link the admin panel to @rizwan's ecommerce site
Please someone how do I handle this while($row_pro=mysqli_fetch_array($run_pro))
Rizwan Khan
Thanks for providing this ecommerce admin panel
Luther Smith
You welcome..
how can we add it to your khanstore ????
Just go to phymyadmin, choose the database you created, supposedly named admin, then Import into it the sql database file from the khanstore folder
Thank You Luther
can you make another cart if user is login ? because when i update and remove product it will come back to the cart that user is not login .
hi bro...please do i set up the admin area panel
plz help me..i can't log in...localhost says email nd password is wrong
bhai admin panel kaise add kare samaj nhi aa raha h
bro can u make update customer info .
Luther Smith
yes i can make that for you
Bro can we add Address after we pay paypal it will inserted to Orders.
bro in the admin panel can we display the username or name of the admin .
Luther Smith can' can modify the script to your choice
how to change this cookies into the currency of PHP $c_amt = $_COOKIE["ta"]; its only work if the currency is USD help me .
bro does the paypal account matter if you dont put a card details when u used sandbox ?
Luther Smith
Hi bro..make sure you create a sandbox account and put in the e-mail you use in action.php
I do bro but when the payment_success.php is called after payment of sandbox there is no output and design .
how to show the admin details after he log in ? to specify who admin is editing all details .
bro i after i pay in my paypal nothing will show in my payment_success.php please help . great effort bro for us .
Luther Smith
Ok..I'll check on that but at my end here its working perfectly
bro thank you for the admin panel its a big help for me great code.