Products cannot be added

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Hi sir, I am Dhilip from Coimbatore, I create flipkart project helpful your videos but. i have completed 30 videos but suddenly i have added 1 product but product cannot be added so i downloaded you source code from your git hub page and same issue will came. please check and solve English very poor you can understand my problems. but strong my coding knowledge. Thank you sir

I am Dhilip Kumar from Coimbatore. I was completed my engineering Karpagam University Coimbatore. I worked php developer Innovspace and Gradvalley in Coimbatore at 2018. still now i am work with swiggy delivery boy
Rizwan Khan
github code and my code is same so i will try to check this functionality if any issue i will update you
Rash Reddy
With Images and all assets plz if possible i watched almost all videos PLZ help
Rizwan Khan
you can get from github
Rash Reddy
I have issues with the code too please send the schema tooo with the code and update every single file Thanks
Rizwan Khan
you can clone project from my github page