Erwin India private limited Software Engineer Interview Experience and Questions

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Writing this article to share my software Engineer interview experience with the Erwin .

The whole interview process is done in 5 days and after that I got my offer letter for the role of Software Engineer.

I got a call from Erwin recruitment team member and she is courteous about talking . She said about the opening for front end software engineer role in that time I am actually looking for a job change in pandemic and I got it at right time. after discussion she sent a JD through Mail.

She scheduled Level1 technical round Interview via Microsoft Teams.

The Level 1 interviewer(Team lead) started the interview process with tell me about your self

After then Technical round started based on my experience

Actually the questions started in a traditional way like HTML, CSS after JS and React Js

So he started with HTML and asked basic questions in that

Here I am writing all direct Questions


Q. How you can override the existing CSS class ?

Q. How u can get two divs side by side using CSS ?


Q. Do you know any thing about JavaScript hoisting ?

Q. Asked about callbacks ?


Q. Can you tell me something about React js ?

Q. Is you have any experience of using NPM packages for validating forms in React js ?

Q. Is you have any experience with the functional based components ?

Q. How you can pass the information form parent component to child component ?

Q. Have you worked with hooks ?.....if yes then we want give some explanation & usage or want to give the proper answers

Q. Finally ....! What is the life cycle phases of React ?

Q. than after he asked about Redux flow ?

Q.and next....,, some general discussion gone about Bootstrap and Material JS because he looking for experienced persons in those frameworks and i know very well

Got a good from the recruiter and then she scheduled Level2 technical round interview at evening

The Level2 interviewer (Team Manager)

Q. He asked in detail of hooks like UseState ,UseEffect , useMemo ?

Q. next.., ShouldComponentUpdate , ComponentwillreceiveProps and some in depth

Q. then after he asked the flow of data for instance if we give the information through forms then where it will go and how we can display in reusable components again how we can update like that type of questions ?

Q. Is you have any experience of using axios ?

The explanations went so long and cool.....:) .... But he is very consummate and have patience to listen.

After couple of days i heard the good news ....

then she scheduled the Level3 (director) interview for general discussion about the work and to check the Realtime experience of mine

Q. And working experience from internship onwards and one more point * this company seriously observes the real time experience of our's through discussion

Q. And worked projects with detail information

Q. He also asked the flow of data with API's and components what is the importance of lifecycle phases in this

After one day got a call from recruiter and scheduled for final HR discussion

it went through a phone call

Q. He asked about the family background

Q. later the salary discussion.... and i got the good number of what i expected

By the evening i got the offer letter :)

Thank you guys ....!! and All The Best for Endeavors :)

Now if you have experienced interviews plz feel free to share in this platform with all of us

Rizwan Khan
Thank you so much lakshmi for sharing your interview experience with us. Hopefully it is going to very helpful for lots job seekers.